With student loan debt surpassing $1 trillion in the U.S., we see the cost of college and the resulting debt around the country as real problems.  Having people leave an college program with a huge debt load is harmful to them and to society, as it hinders their ability to start families, to make freer decisions about their lives, etc.  


Financial Information

Each student will receive an annual tuition disclosure statement when receiving his or her acceptance letter into the College and also each year thereafter prior to the fall academic term. For graduate students and for part-time undergraduates in 2019-2020, tuition is set at $490 per credit hour. The application fee is $25. The graduation fee is $75.


Undergraduate Tuition

Holy Spirit College offers undergraduates a new kind of cost structure:

  • $750/month per calendar year; 
  • Students may take as many classes as they wish during the Fall/Spring/Summer semesters, with credit hour limits decided between student, advisor, and College logistics
  • Tuition also covers optional online classes from Pontifex University (  
  • Total of $9,000 per year for full time tuition. 


Summer MRE Tuition

This program follows its own cost structure of $400/month for 31 months. This equates to approximately 30 percent less than the fully live version of the degree.


Audit Fees

Auditors pay neither tuition nor degree student fees, but an audit fee. For 2019-20, the audit fee is $300 per 3 credit course, and $150 per 1.5 credit course.  The fee for shorter certificate courses is $99.


Need-Based Grants

Holy Spirit College may offer need-based grants to students with demonstrated financial need. Grant application materials may be found here.